Mphepho Herbal Tea

Imphepho (the flowers of the everlasting family Helichrysum) is used in South African traditional medicine to heal physical and spiritual ailments. This indigenous plant is an all-purpose herb that is used for internal and external cleansing. 🍃

Herbal teas are our favourite way to start the day and unwind at the end of a long day. Besides their great taste, the health benefits of herbal teas aid in digestion, stimulate brain function and boosts the immune system. This organic tea is caffeine-free and calorie-free.

The health benefits of Mphepho Herbal Tea include:

  • Pain reduction – serves as an anti-inflammatory that helps with soreness such as period pains, headaches and sore coughs.
  • Boosts immune system – contains antibacterial properties that can help prevent illness.
  • Prevents chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes – high in antioxidants, which work to eliminate free radicals throughout the body and prevent oxidative stress.
  • Improves the digestive system -Helichrysum improves blood flow to the entire digestive tract and eliminates free radicals that can cause an upset stomach and indigestion. It also enable your digestive tract to absorb nutrients with more ease.
  • Stimulates brain function – when consumed regularly, Helichrysum increases blood flow to the brain, providing it with nutrients and essential oxygen for a healthy mind.
  • Relaxation and peaceful sleep – aids in sleep disorders such as insomnia and restless sleep.

How to prepare:

Use one tea bag per cup. Simply add 180ml-200ml of freshly boiled water and leave to brew for 3-5 minutes.

Serving suggestions:

  • Citrus – adding a slice of citrus fruit (lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit) can sweeten your tea and serve as a great source for Vitamin C in your drink.
  • Ginger – adds a great taste to your Mphepho tea which can compliment its health benefits, as ginger contains several medicinal properties which can help cure and prevent illness.
  • Honey – a sweet and healthier alternative to sugar, which also contains antioxidants that can help ease flu symptoms such as a sore throat.
  • Mint – can help sooth an upset stomach and improve digestion.

Unbleached Teabags

Our tea is made with unbleached teabags which are shipped from spice.boutique, Scotland. We chose this environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional bleached teabag because we believe that healing is as important to the earth as it is to the human body and spirit. The bleaching of these materials takes place in pulp mills located near large bodies of water, which are used to dispose of the chlorinated compounds, dioxins and other harmful chemicals which have the potential to cause significant environmental damage.

Mphepho tea has both short-term and long-term health benefits. In this cold winter, it can help you beat flu and stay healthier in the long run. 

African Spiritual Identity Workshop

AfroSavvy is hosting a workshop to educate on Indigenous African Knowledge Systems. We’re inviting you to tap into inner divine wisdom that will be for the progression of African people.

The workshop will be led by Kemet Historian, Mkhulu Nsingiza and Indigenous Knowledge Systems Specialist, Gogo Khanyakude (check out the YouTube channel for some teachings they have already shared with us). Music will be led by Mkhulu Blondie Makhene and a special guest. The following video is a summary of the topics that will be explored and taught on this day.

Gogo Khanyakude will be educating on the Principles of Ubuntu while Mkhulu Nsingiza will be sharing his wisdom on the Principles of Ma’at. In the following video, we chat with Mkhulu Nsingiza about the fundamental factors of African Spiritual practice that Africans can identify with in order to get in touch with their authentic African identity.

We look forward to meeting everyone that will be attending this workshop! You can contact 0845594876 to purchase a ticket and answers to all enquiries regarding this event. It will be held on November 16th in Randburg, Johannesburg. We encourage all attendees to bring a notepad, pen and a spirit that is ready to learn. 

Talking African Spirituality

The following conversations are based on specific subject matters within spiritual culture. South African Spiritual Healers discuss ways in which we can find healing in these different areas of our lives. You can subscribe to the AfroSavvy YouTube channel for more.

Spirituality in Relationships

On the first night of the October New Moon, we sat down with Gogo Khanyakude, Gogo Ntombi, Gogo Simenjalo and Gogo Makhosentaba to discuss spirituality in relationships. They shared some of the challenges of dating as a sangoma, the romance in spiritual alignment and African indigenous knowledge systems that governed love and family.

Spirituality in Language

We sat down with Gogo Khanyakude (Tiisetso Makhubedu) and Mkhulu Philip (Blondie Makhene) to discuss the sacred nature of language in both the spiritual and physical realm. Topics include: the language of our ancestors, the depth in African idioms and understanding your clan names.

Spirituality in African Hair

We sat down with Gogo Zanempilo and Mkhulu Mkhatshwa to discuss the significance of African hair in the spiritual journey into Africanism. They touch on the symbolism behind certain coming of age rituals involving hair and how hair is treated during the process of ukuthwasa.

‘In Conversation’ Series

This conversational series is a collection of ongoing discussions that we are having with healers that we encounter along our spiritual journey. We focus on exploring topics that Africans can benefit from learning and understanding. Our aim is to educate Africans on their authentic spirituality as well as to give insight into how the spirituality can be applied in our practical lives in order to improve our livelihood, individually and collectively, as African people.

In the following episodes, we have touched on a variety of topics, including: the African spiritual identity, the ancestral calling, spirituality within tradition, spirituality outside of tradition, the science in our indigenous African knowledge systems and much more.

Subscribe to the AfroSavvy YouTube channel for upcoming ‘In Conversation’ episodes.

Episode 1: In Conversation with Spiritual Medium, Nontobeka Toba

Spiritual Medium, Nontobeka Toba shares the ancestral knowledge she has gained in her 20 year journey through work with ancestors and ancestral healing.

Episode 2: In Conversation with Gogo Ntombi

Traditional Healer, Gogo Ntombi shares some of her joys and challenges in the training process towards becoming a Sangoma.

Episode 3: In Conversation with Gogo Khanyakude

Traditional Healer and Gobela, Tiisetso Xigambe Makhubedu, sat down with us to discuss the science of spirituality, African indigenous knowledge systems, Isintu and sexuality in spirituality.

Episode 4: In Conversation with Mkhulu Nsingiza

Trained and taught by Credo Mutwa, Mkhulu Nsingiza is a Kemet Historian and Spiritual Guide as well as the Co-Founder of the African Calendar. We sat down with him during the Full Moon to discuss the African Calendar, African deities, and the principles of Ancient Kemet that empowered African people to rule the world. This conversation teaches on how those principles can be applied to our generation in order to restore the dignity and power of our people.

Episode 5: In Conversation with Machaka Mogale

We visited Healer and Rainmaker, Machaka Mogale, to discuss the history of climate engineering in African Spirituality, the reason we no longer explore gifts of this nature, as well as his own ability to altar the atmosphere. This conversation will continue in further detail in our upcoming mini-documentary on RainMaking in Africa.

More episodes coming soon. Don’t forget to subscribe to the You/tube channel if you’d like to keep up with upcoming AfroSavvy conversations.

The Uphehlo Journey

We gathered 10 Traditional Healers on the September New Moon to share their spiritual journeys in conversation with the healer that inspired the creation of AfroSavvy, Celi Nhlengethwa. This discussion explores the personal joys and challenges of ukuthwasa and the innovation that the thwasa process has undergone through the generations. This two-part conversation is the first of an ongoing series of conversations about the initiation process to becoming a traditional healer in South Africa. We hope that you will find healing in these stories. Please share your thoughts and experiences in the comments.

Host: Celi Nhlengethwa a.k.a Gogo Simenjalo

Panel: Bheki Moses Zungu, Lerato Lunga, Mbali Toyana, Tsatsi Maphela, Tafadzwa Sithole, Nompumelelo Manana, Tamara Ngubane and Seipati Nathane.

Venue: Maximum Stylez Recording & Publishing.

The Uphehlo Journey (Part 1)
The Uphehlo Journey (Part 2)

What are Ancestors?

written by Nontobeko Toba

Most of us talk about ancestors as if it’s common knowledge that everyone should completely understand and be able to explain in details.

In trying to answer this question we always end up with a lot of unanswered questions because we tend to concentrate on the complexity of this subject rather than the logical and rational common sense.

Ancestors are the spirits of those that lived on this earth. When they come back to contact or affect us in our daily lives, it doesn’t matter how long ago they passed. As soon as they start to try and contact us that’s when we attach the word ancestors to them. It doesn’t matter how old they were when they died because even a spirit of an unborn child can come back to contact us.

Ancestors have an ability to affect our lives from the spiritual world. They are able to adjust and alter our daily lives in order to fulfil the purpose of living for that particular day and the rest of our lives. Ancestors come to us with things that only an attentive mind can notice.

My father missed a train that killed a lot of people in Effingham/KwaMashu many years ago, before I was even born. On the first day that my ancestors came through me, to speak to my dad, they asked him why he thinks he was saved from that accident on that particular day. Sometimes our daily lives are altered by minor things that we don’t’ even notice because we are not aware of these forces.

Yes, ancestors are a force that cross from the spiritual world to our physical world of the living. They are a force because, at times, they come across too strong and disturb us in our routines. This force is a form of energy which can be either positive or negative. At the point when this energy is neutral, ones’ life is not affected either way and this is the point where a person finds it hard to believe in ancestors.

Ancestors are the spirits, a power, a force and an energy.

This power comes from within as it communicates with the heart and then affects the way in which we think and make decisions in our lives. The problem is that we are not taught to follow our hearts from childhood.

When the spirits approach you, they bring with them the power that forces you to use the energy they offer to you.

When there is too much negative energy in the world, mother nature has her own way of balancing things out by providing some positive energy for every equal amount of negative energy. The more people are born, the more people die each day. There is always an equal but opposite reaction to every action.

The same thing happens with the ancestors:

Ancestors with powers come back in order to correct the mistakes we make unknowingly here on earth. They come back to warn us against dangers of using negative energy. They then ask us to balance things out by using positive energy to cancel out the negativity they find themselves in, on the other side.

The ancestors without powers also come back for some help. They ask their loved ones to cleanse them so that they can gain eternal peace. Some people have gone in and out of healers with the aim of trying to heal and cleanse themselves. We often make a mistake of concentrating too much on ourselves instead of dealing with the ancestors, the spirits, the powers, the forces and the energy that affects our lives.

When we concentrate on the energy we get better results as opposed to cleansing our own mortal bodies. Yes, we do cleanse the physical body but the emphasis is on touching the soul of a spirit with such a gesture. As we cleanse the physical body, we must also communicate and talk to the spirits as we try and acknowledge their presence and then ask for help.

These forces that we talk about apply to everybody in the world, the only difference is that we give it different names.

These forces are a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. We may call it ancestors, whilst others say it’s the spirit of God/Christ, it’s the energy points, chakra healing and even levels of consciousness etc…Even Yoga and meditation seeks to unlock these powers and correct the imbalance in the way these energies affects us.

These energies affect us in so many different ways, everyday of our lives. They manifest themselves in our tempers, feelings and mood swings. Sometimes we try to overcome these feelings but mostly they tend to control our fate…

Ancestors are just powers of the spirits which affect our lives and draw us closer to our destinies. We need to be aware of these forces that are all around us. We need to understand how this energy works in order to live harmonious lives.

Sometimes we become too involved with our own/personal needs that we forget to find the meaning of life. When you are chasing after your own goals but things seem to be impossible, have you ever stopped to think that may be that dream of yours is not your purpose in life?

Usually these forces/ ancestors come to affect us when we derail from our purpose in life. When you begin to realise your destiny that’s when these energies start to work for you.

These energies come to work with you in a form that you understand. This energy comes in a universal language in which the soul speaks to us. The soul is the source of all forms of life.

If one believes in ancestors, these forces will take a form of  ancestors to communicate with that person. In this way the soul uses the most effective form of communication to pass on messages.

So remember that the ancestors are not physical/human beings. They are a force/energy that can be interpreted in so many different languages, but at the end of the day, they speak only one universal language of the soul.

More articles written by the Spiritual Medium, Nontobeka Toba, on ancestors and spirituality can be found on her blog: edlozini.over-blog.com

AfroBeads – Blending Style and Tradition

AfroBeads was born 4 years ago by Christina Mudau. After leaving her job as an assistant buyer of one of the biggest retailers in South Africa, her journey took a different direction.

After having dreams about a gift from her late mother and dreams about beads, she then decided to teach herself how to bead. This new ability combined with her creative nature and fashion sense gave birth to AfroBeads Fashion Accessories. Being born from mix culture parents she soon realized that this was a great way of staying true to who she is without choosing a specific culture. This gave way to the type of beading style and designs. 

Afro beads soon got the attention of people like Zenande Mfenyana, LadyX, Phelo Bala and Andy T. 

AfroBeads don’t just make beads, our aim is to touch the African spirit and pride of all our clients. 

AfroBeads products can be ordered through AfroSavvy. Contact us on social media or here on our ‘Contact Us’ page. For more information on their products and different designs, you can visit their instagram @afrobeadsfashionaccessories

A Brand for the Proud Sangoma

Busisiwe Mkhize is the founder and Chief Design Officer for Mwezipendo Couture. The company was established in 2018, as a brand created with consciousness, headed by a style maven and sangoma. Her designs are geared to help people connect to their royal selves. Under Mwezipendo you will find two movements – footprint of my ancestors a movement and brand that was triggered by Busisiwe’s initiation journey (ukutwasa) to become a sangoma. Her journey made her understand the importance of walking in the footprint of her ancestors. She wants that for every individual who wants to achieve the same level of confidence for themselves and their families to rise and to continue where their kings and queens left off. 

The second brand, Proud Sangoma, was triggered by her ubungoma journey, a journey with a lot of stigma. So ProudSangoma reclaims that pride. We at Mwezipendo recognize our royalty and the responsibility to let spirit guidance permeate through all our lives.

Mwezipendo merchandise including the Proud Sangoma and Footprints of our Ancestors products can be ordered through AfroSavvy. Contact us on social media or here on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

Spiritual Expression Through Music

As part of our journey into documenting African Spirituality and shedding light on the nature of holistic healing, we have found ourselves immersed in the beauty of healing through drumming, singing and dancing.

On the 17th of August 2019, we hosted a Bangoma event to celebrate drumming, singing and dancing within African Spirituality. Drumming is the foundation of African Spirituality as it is believed to invoke the spirit of our ancestors. In the Bangoma video below, Mkhulu Bhekizitha performs a Nguni song that speaks to a myriad of emotions and challenges that one faces when journeying the road to their inner divinity. The meaning of this song is layered and carries several meanings across the nation. This performance is a showcase of pure spiritual expression.

Kumnyama Kulezontaba – Mkhulu Bhekizitha (a.k.a Mkhulu Mkhatshwa)

On this day, some of our favourite spiritual musicians performed music that moved, healed and inspired the attendees of the Bangoma event. They spoke words of encouragement to those travelling the journey into African Spirituality and those who have travelled the journey, looking for a sense of community. The opportunity for these positive vibes to be shared and expressed began on the 1st of August 2019, when we gathered the Bangoma musicians (Pepsin Montse a.k.a Mkhulu Mkhanyakude, Blondie Makhene a.k.a Mkhulu Philip and Siphiwe Ndlanzi a.k.a Mkhulu Bhekizitha), to discuss this event – which would be the first of it’s kind in Africa.

The meeting was conducted during the evening in Mkhulu Bhekizitha’s ndumba (a safe space where he conducts his healing practise). It was filmed spontaneously, as we had not anticipated the explosion of beautiful music that was made in the ndumba. The following video contains footage that was captured during this meeting.

Bangoma Meeting for the music recording of the ‘Africa’s Hidden History’ Documentary.

Rhythm and song are a natural part of who we are as Africans. The music that we have been capturing for this documentary is a showcase of our natural ability to connect with our inner divinity through this outlet. It empowers us to acknowledge the gifts and talents that were passed onto us by our ancestors. It uplifts our spirits and reminds us of our greatness, despite the many phases of struggle and oppression that we have faced and triumphed as African people. It teaches us that we are unbreakable and that we do not die – we only multiply.

The importance of music in African Spirituality is highlighted by Blondie Makhene (a.k.a Mkhulu Philip), in a speech from the following Behind The Scenes snippet of the ‘Africa’s Hidden History’ documentary. Blondie is a South African music veteran who inspired millions of South Africans during the apartheid struggle and has continued to advocate for the rights of African musicians to this day.

Music in African Spirituality – Blondie Makhene (Behind the Scenes of Africa’s Hidden History)

We encourage talented musicians walking this journey to freely express their spirituality through this outlet, as music is able to heal our wounds on many different levels. We embrace and celebrate Bangoma musicians by documenting their stories and sharing their journeys on our platform. More stories and music can be found on our YouTube channel and IGTV. There is plenty upcoming content on these musicians on our channels as well as in our upcoming ‘Africa’s Hidden History’ documentary, directed by Zanemvula Tsabedze. The DVD of the full Bangoma Music Event is sponsored by AfroBotanics and will be available for purchase soon. Thokozani!